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Electric Family Cars: 4 Great Picks for 2022

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Knowing which electric vehicle (EV) to choose can be a tough decision, especially when choosing a car for not only yourself, but one that suits your whole family. In order to help in the decision-making process, here is a list of some of our EV recommendations for families, to help you pick out which one may work best depending on your circumstances. 

Best Electric Family Cars

  1. Tesla Model 3
  2. Volkswagen ID3 
  3. Kia E-Niro
  4. Renault Zoe

Tesla model 3 white
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Tesla model 3 Lease

The Tesla Model 3 is a very popular car at the moment, in fact it was the best-selling car of September not just in the UK, but throughout all of Europe(The Sunday Times Driving). While this Tesla is on the more expensive side of the spectrum, it offers a ton of benefits. 

One of the main reasons is that this EV is well known for its incredible range.Depending on which Model 3 you choose, you can get a range between 260-360 miles, which is the furthest range in our list. It also has rapid charging capabilities and can go from 0-60 in between 5.6 - 3.3 seconds

Tesla Model 3 Interior

It has to be said that the design of the Model 3 interior feels cleaner and more luxurious than the previous Tesla interiors, and the Model 3 itself has been updated to feel even more premium following customer feedback. 

The steering wheel, mirrors and seat positions are adjusted through the infotainment screen, as opposed to manually.  Once your ideal settings are saved for your profile, you can set up a profile of an additional driver and save their ideal steering wheel, mirror and seat settings as well - and it’s all automatically configured every time you step into the car - taking all of the manual work out.  With the Tesla 3 you’ll have to sacrifice having a dashboard, as most things are controlled through the infotainment screen. This may not be a drawback for most people, however it could be argued that this may take the drivers attention away from the line of sight from the road, so that’s something to keep in mind.  

The infotainment screen does have some pretty amazing and unique features which are brilliant for long journeys with children, such as karaoke (with lyrics on screen), games, and a sketch screen which can be used for games such as Hangman or car Pictionary. There’s also a wireless charging spot for mobile phones, meaning you can now charge two phones at the same time. 

There’s a great amount of space in the boot, although not quite as spacious as a Kia E-Niro, making it a great option for busy families. There is a decent amount of storage space within the car itself, so it’s a good all-rounder option. 

Tesla Model 3 Price

With loveelectric, you could get a Tesla model 3 for as little as £266, but we recommend checking out our website for an illustrative quote or sending an enquiry to access our web app where you can see exactly what the cost will be per month. 

vw lease deals
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VW ID3 Lease

The Volkswagen ID3 is a great option if you would like a smaller car but don’t want to sacrifice performance.  With this VW there are a couple of different battery options; so depending on your budget and how long you’d like the range to be, you have some different options to choose from. This EV has a nice futuristic and minimalist feel and is a good allrounder for most families. 

VW ID3 Interior

Like most EVs, the VW ID3 has a futuristic and minimalist feel to the interior and it’s relatively spacious, with a low centre console and a decent amount of legroom. There’s a good amount of adjustment of the seats as well, meaning you can get comfortable while driving. In general, this EV feels pretty spacious although it’s not quite as spacious as a Tesla model 3, and not quite the same amount of boot space as the Kia E-Niro, although that being said it does come pretty close. 

One great feature in the ID3 is the digital driver display screen that is connected to the steering wheel, meaning that it actually moves with the wheel so if you need to adjust the steering wheel, you’re still able to see everything on the screen, rather than having it obscured by the wheel itself. 

Just like the Tesla 3, there are no manual buttons and most things have to be done through the infotainment screen and through touch screen buttons. Although not a bad feature by any means, this may take a little getting used to, as at first it may be difficult to tell if the buttons you’ve pressed have worked or if they are actually doing what you wanted them to do. Again, not a deal breaker but something to keep in mind. 

Along with this, the software in the ID3 is not quite as developed as their competitors, so you may have to sacrifice a bit of the ease of use due to the competitive price, but it’s by no means a step down, again just something to keep in mind. 

VW ID3 price

At loveelectric you can get a brand-new Volkswagen ID3 for as little as 246 per month, but we recommend you sign up to our enquiry page which will give your access to a more personalised quote and you can see how much you could save. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Kia E-Niro Lease

The Kia E-Niro is a small SUV which is very well-suited to families, it has a range of either 140miles or 250miles, depending on what kind of battery you choose to go for, meaning it holds up pretty well compared to the range of some of its closest competitors. It is also pretty responsive and will go from 0-60 quickly, so if you enjoy driving, you’ll probably have fun driving the E-Niro. There are also front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera, so it takes the hassle out of parking.

Kia E-Niro Interior 

The interior of this EV is pretty simple and not overly complicated, although not quite in the same way that the Tesla Model 3 is simple. Rather, the E-Niro feels pretty basic and more comparable to the design found in most internal combustion engine cars.  This EV does have a touch screen and still has the typical shortcut buttons most people are used to, so it sits nicely between a modern EV feel while not alienating those who are more comfortable with a more traditional interior. 

There’s a good amount of room in this car for both drivers and passengers, and there is a good amount of space in the backseats also so if passengers have longer legs or need more space this would accommodate them nicely. It also has the ability to fit two child seats in the back but there probably won’t be enough space for someone to sit in between them, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, there are big door bins and decent amount of storage space inside, particularly useful for family life.  

There are also quite a lot of adjustment options for both the driver’s seat and steering wheel, so if you’re planning to share this car with someone this won’t be a problem.

Kia E-Niro Boot Space

One of the best features this EV has is its large amount of boot space of over 450 litres. If you’re a family that is constantly on the go, doing lots of different activities, and you need a car that can fit a lot of stuff, this will be the perfect choice. 

Kia E-Niro Price 

The E-Niro is slightly on the more expensive side of the spectrum, although that being said it is far cheaper than a Tesla Model 3. On the loveelectric website you’re able to view an illustrative quote for how much it would cost to lease, however if you’d like a live quote, sign up today and we’ll give you access to our webapp where you can view the deals in more detail. 

Renault Zoe electric
Photo by Sébastien Chiron on Unsplash

Renault Zoe Lease

The Zoe has been on the market for almost a decade, and it has proven to be a very popular EV in Europe- last year 99,000 were sold across Europe, meaning this model is actually more popular than some of the other Tesla models.. For good reason too, as this affordable EV offers an incredible range considering both its price and size. You’ll typically get around 200 miles per charge, which is great for such a small EV. 

It’s been updated a couple of times throughout the years to keep it up-to-date, so that now it offers features such as being able to connect it to an app on your phone which will let you view how much charge you have and even where your car is located (for those times where you can’t quite remember where you parked it).  

Renault Zoe Interior 

The Zoe has a relatively big infotainment screen along with some rotary dials for the climate control, so it’s pretty simple and sleek. The gear lever is somewhat of a contentious point as many people seem to dislike the design citing that it feels cheap but it does get the job done. 

Although there is the option to adjust the steering wheel, you won’t get quite as much adjustment of the seats particularly when it comes to the height. This is due to where the batteries are in the car -they’re actually underneath the seats so it does mean you’re somewhat limited when it comes to space. While relatively comfortable in the front seats, there’s not a lot of space or leg room in the back seats – so this EV may only work if you have smaller children or don’t need much room in the back seats. 

Overall, this EV isn’t known for being spacious, and this is further proved by the lack of interior car storage space.he glove box is small and although the front door bins are decent, that’s about as much space as you’ll get in this EV. It does offer a boot space of around 338 litres, which is pretty good, but not as spacious as a Kia E-Niro. 

Perhaps mainly due to its bigger battery, the feel of this car can’t quite be described as sporty so it won’t give you the thrill of say a Kia E-Niro, but if you’re less concerned about the enjoyment factor when it comes to driving, you may not really view this as a negative. 

Renault Zoe Price

If you’re curious to see how much a Renault Zoe could cost per month, check out our website to see our illustrative quotes and more information sign up here to see how little your monthly costs could be!


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