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Affordable Electric Cars: Top 10 Recommendations For You in 2022

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There’s a common misconception that electric cars are all expensive. However, there are ways to access an electric cars that are a lot cheaper. Specifically, leasing a car via a salary sacrifice scheme.

With an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme, you have access to:

  • Servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover.
  • A warranty on some car materials like battery.
  • Saving considerable money on road tax.
  • Saving on fuel costs.

And can save between 30% and 60% depending on your salary band.

if you’re on the market for cheap electric cars, below are 10 affordable or cheapest electric cars you could choose from when leasing with loveelectric. 

Specifically, we’ll cover the:

Note: Want an electric car but afraid you can’t afford it? Below are EV cars with price tags below £255 per month on loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme. Sign up now.

Most Affordable 2-Seater Electric Car: Smart EQ ForTwo

  • £174 /month
  • Real world range of 60 miles
  • 2-seater

This 2-seater roadster is a great choice if you’re looking for a compact city car for your daily commute, without breaking the bank. It’s arguably the best entry-level electric car you can start with in case you’re thinking of making the switch. 

With a 0-62mph time of 11.6 seconds it may not be the fastest electric car but it’s cheapest EV on our list and it’s still very fun to drive and almost feels like you’re in a go-cart. 

Smart ForTwo Electric Range

The claimed range of the Smart ForTwo is up to 81 miles, although in real world range terms it’s closer to 60 miles which is by far the shortest range on this list. 

However, depending on your circumstances and how far you intend to travel every day this may not be something that will discourage you. 

If you’re looking for a vehicle to commute a short distance each day, this car may still be a good option, particularly if you’re on a stricter budget.

Smart ForTwo Interior

Despite being a small electric car, the two doors can be opened pretty wide which is somewhat surprising but it makes getting in and out really easy. 

The display is standard but covers all the basic needs, with a small driver’s display and an infotainment screen. While the infotainment is touchscreen there are some physical buttons so it's a nice mix of traditional and modern tech. 

There’s also your standard USB and auxiliary ports, plus a non-slip pad which is the perfect place to store your phone when driving, however unlike some pricier electric cars it’s not a wireless charging pad.  There’s also an option to download the Smart EQ app – here you can view the charging percentage and set up pre-entry climate control as well.

In terms of space for the driver and passenger seat, they’re relatively spacious considering the size of the car itself, with a good amount of head and legroom. 

Plus, even at this affordable price point, even at the most standard model both of the seats can be heated. The visibility in the ForTwo is really good as well, with a very wide windscreen and door windows so although it’s still a small car you don’t feel cramped., so you get a really nice view of your surroundings and the driving experience is great. 

As an additional bonus, there is also a reversing camera, so parking in tight spaces in the city is even easier. 

For such a small electric car, the door bin space is still relatively generous so if you need to store something up front like a large water bottle, you have that option. 

As for the glove compartment, it’s pretty small so don’t count on it being able to store what you might typically be able to fit in bigger cars. Again, due to its compact size, there isn’t a lot in terms of boot space with only 260 litres of space so depending on your lifestyle this could be a deciding factor.

Smart ForTwo Price

If you’re interested in acquiring a Smart ForTwo why not lease one with loveelectric and get a better price? If you’re signed up to the loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme, you could get a ForTwo for as little as £174 per month, which is a saving of 31%! Sign up here to learn more!

Most Affordable 5-Seater Electric Car: Mazda MX 30

  • £192 /month
  • Real world range of 100 miles
  • 5-seater

If you’re looking for an affordable EV but you need it to have more than 2 seats, the Mazda MX30 might be more suitable for you. 

This car is a fair amount larger than the Smart EQ ForTwo as it’s a 5-seater hatchback and has a very sleek and stylish design, which is testament to the fact that you don’t have to pay a high price for a stylish family car. 

Plus, it’s pretty fun to drive!  It feels smooth and comfortable, rivalling some of the other cars included on this list in terms of comfort.  With a 0-62mph time of 8.6 seconds, you won’t compromise on fast acceleration either because the powertrain is pretty solid.

Mazda MX 30 Range

The real world mileage is actually very close to the claimed range of the MX 30, with the claimed range being 124 miles and the real world range being ever so slightly below that of around 100 miles of range. Do keep in mind though that your range will be dependent on environmental factors such as weather and the conditions in which you’re  driving, so take real world estimations with a pinch of salt. 

This range is on the shorter side of the spectrum, so if you’re looking for an everyday commuter car this may work well for you, but do keep in mind that this car may not suit your needs if you intend to travel further in a single charge. The good news is due to the shorter range (and in turn smaller battery) the price point of this car is lower. 

Mazda MX 30 Interior

The interior of this vehicle has a surprisingly luxe feeling, especially when you factor in the price tag. It’s made from various recycled materials from recycled plastic bottles to cork, yet it still feels high end. 

The MX30 has three screens in total, a drivers display, climate control screen and an infotainment display. The climate control does have touchscreen capabilities, but you’re also able to use buttons on either side for the more basic functions, but everything else is controlled using physical buttons and dials.  

The combination of dials and touchscreens may take some getting used to, but once you know where things are located it’s pretty simple and straightforward so it’s easy to use and navigate. 

It also has a really nice rear-view reversing camera so it takes some guesswork out of some manoeuvres which is always a bonus, plus your transition to this vehicle from another won’t feel as daunting. 

One really interesting feature about the MX30 are the doors – at first glance they may look pretty standard but the back doors actually open on the other side, i.e. the hinges are at the back of the car. 

While some see this as a quirky extra, practicality wise, it may not be worth it as even though you’re getting a 5 door car,  in order to access the back doors, you’ll need to open the front ones first. 

Because of this, there’s not a lot of space to get into the back seats or space in the back seats in general, so while it might not be an issue if you have small children, adults will probably not want to sit there for too long as it could feel a bit cramped. This may or may not be something to keep in mind, it all depends on your needs.

Mazda MX 30 Boot space

The boot space is decent but not anything of note, it’s around 366 litres. There is an option to drop the rear 3 seats which will drastically increase your boot space to be just shy of 1200 litres and the seats lay down pretty flat too, so you’ll be able to transport larger items this way. 

Mazda MX 30 Price

You could lease a brand-new Mazda MX30 for as little as £192 every month when you’re signed up to loveelectric, which is a saving of 31% of running costs when you lease with a salary sacrifice scheme. If you’re interested to learn more, sign up here

Best All-Rounder Electric Car: Vauxhall Corsa E 

  • £196 /month
  • Real world range of 175 miles
  • 5-seater

Based on the very popular Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall have created an all-electric vehicle known as the Corsa E. 

It’s likely Vauxhall hopes this updated version of  hatchback will find similar popularity and stand a good chance of rivalling its ICE predecessor. Just like the original Corsa, the Corsa E has great performance and is overall a pleasant car to drive, this 5-seater has a 0-62mph time of 8.1 seconds, making it just a touch faster than the Mazda MX30. 

This car has a lot of similarities with the Peugeot e208, the reason for this is that it’s based on the same platform (as both brands are owned by PSA group), however the Corsa E is just that bit cheaper. 

This car is a great all-rounder, it’s pleasant to drive and it sits in the middle of the pack in terms of quality and range and it’s great value for the price. 

Vauxhall Corsa E range

Vauxhall states that the range of the Corsa E is 209 miles after full charge. However it’s estimated that the real world range is probably closer to 175 miles which isn’t too far off the range given by Vauxhall. 

The real-world range average is actually one the highest on this list, so if you’re in the market for an affordable vehicle with long range, this is definitely one to consider. 

Vauxhall Corsa E interior

The interior of the Corsa E is pretty similar to that of the Corsa, it’s pretty spacious upfront with slightly less space in the back seats, so it might be a good option if you have a young family or if you don’t find yourself travelling far with passengers in the back seats.  

While there’s a decent amount of space in the back seats, it might not be the most comfortable for adults when travelling on very long journeys but it will technically still fit adults over 6ft tall nicely.

The Corsa E has both a touchscreen infotainment screen (which while it’s pretty good, it can take a moment to respond) and digital drivers display behind the wheel. 

There’s a little pad where you can place your phone (although it is somewhat small particularly when you’ve plugged it into the charger) and there’s also one USB port at the front so you can charge your mobile phone or any other devices.

In terms of boot space there is 309 litres which is on the smaller side of the spectrum, however if you know you don’t need a ton of space in the boot it may not sway you, it all depends on your lifestyle. 

Of course, you can always fold down the rear seats to get more space on the occasion you need to transport something larger. 

Vauxhall Corsa E price

If you sign up to loveelectric, you could get a new Vauxhall Corsa E for as little as £196 per month, with a saving of 31%! If you’re interested, sign up here and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Most Popular Electric Car: Nissan Leaf 

  • £198 /month
  • Real world range of 140 miles
  • 5-seater

Moving on to the Nissan Leaf, which is the best selling pure-electric car in the UK. This 5-seater hatchback is a great contender if you’re looking for an all-round family car as it doesn’t break the bank, plus it can go from 0-62mph time in just 7.9 seconds, so it’s still a lot of fun to drive. 

Nissan Leaf Range

Nissan claims that the Leaf has a range of up to 239 miles, however in real world range this is probably more likely to be closer to 140 miles.

Nissan Leaf Interior

The interior of the Nissan Leaf is really nice, there’s a decently sized Infotainment system and a digital driver’s display with physical buttons. There’s a good amount of space in the centre console, glove compartment and pretty average sized door bins, plus there’s a tray for your mobile phone which is conveniently placed next to a USB port if you want to charge it while driving. 

There’s an option to heat both the front and back seats which is a nice added touch and it’s also got a top range Bose sounds system, so if you like listening to music in the car this may be the perfect choice for you. It does also have a reversing camera, but the quality isn’t quite as good as some of the others on this list.  

One additional helpful feature is the Nissan app, which can show you where you parked the car, how much charge you have as well as setting your pre-entry climate preferences.  

As for the back seats, there’s a good amount of room to fit 3 adults in the back, you may notice the headroom may be on the snug side, so when travelling on extended journeys it's definitely more manageable compared to the other cars mentioned above.

As for boot space, this car has one of the more generous amounts in this list at 435 litres. Annoyingly, there is a lip which may get in the way and takes away some of the convenience factor, so be aware of that depending on your needs. 

Also, if you’d like to get even more room you can fold down the rear seats but these don’t fold down all the way. 

Nissan Leaf Lease

If you’ve been considering a Nissan Leaf, why not save 31% every month and pay only £198 per month? All you need to do is sign up to the loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme, click here to sign up and we’ll get in contact with you!

Most Stylish Electric Car: Fiat 500

  • £199 /month
  • Real world range of 90 miles
  • 4-seater

Based on the original Fiat 500, this new 500 Electric is Fiat's first foray in the EV market, which most likely explains why they chose to go with a newly updated model of one of Fiat’s most popular cars. 

This 4-seater hatchback has a 0-62mph time of 9.5 seconds and while it might not be the most sleek and futuristic model currently available on the market today it just oozes charm and cuteness. 

Fiat 500 Electric Range

The claimed range of the Fiat 500e is that of approximately 115 miles, however in real world range it’s estimated to be just under 90 miles

Fiat 500 Interior

As for the interior of the 500e, it features an infotainment screen that’s a touchscreen, a nice digital drivers display, with traditional physical buttons for the climate control system. 

Overall, it’s easy to navigate and use.  It also has a nice reversing camera which can come in really handy when parking on busy city streets as it gives you even better visibility. 

Another great additional feature is the app which you connect to your Fiat and it will keep you up to date with the charge status of your car which is handy.  

It’s pretty spacious in the front seats in terms of leg and head room, and while it is still quite a small car, there is some space in the centre console and in the door bins for any bits and bobs you may want to keep at the front of the car, just be aware that you won’t be able to fit that much. 

However it does have a reasonably large glove compartment which makes up for it. There’s also an option to have a wireless charging pad or you can just stick with the USB port that’s included in all the 500 models.

A nice added extra is that the doors are opened by pressing a button on the door, this just adds that little luxurious something to this car. While on the subject of doors, there aren’t any back doors on the 500, so it might not be the most practical car if you’ll be driving more than one passenger. 

There’s also very limited space in the back seats, an adult won’t have much room at all, so this car may be better suited if you have small children in back seats. However, you may struggle to get baby car seats in through the doors even with the seats folded down.

With a boot space of just 185 litres, space is a bit limited here too. You can fold down the back seats to get more space in the boot but the seats don’t fold down all the way so you won’t get a flat surface which may limit what you can transport.  

Fiat 500 Lease

You could get a new Fiat 500e for as little as £199 every month, saving 31% when you lease with loveelectric. If you’re not signed up yet, click here and we’ll get in contact with you. 

Best Compact City Car: VW E UP

  • £201 /month
  • Real world range of 125 miles
  • 4-seater

This compact city car is a great choice if you have a small family and need a reliable car to commute back and forth. This 4-seater hatchback has a 0-62 time of 11.9 seconds however it does feel faster than that when you’re driving.

Volkswagen E UP Range

Volkswagen claims that the range of the E-Up is 159 miles and in real world range this may be closer to 125 miles, which is pretty close to the estimated range given by the brand. 

Volkswagen E UP Interior

Compared to some other electric cars on the market today, the interior of the E Up feels a little barren. 

While you do get a driver’s display, there isn’t a central digital touchscreen infotainment screen, instead you get a small screen for radio and Bluetooth connectivity - although you can use your phone in the provided mobile phone mount on top of the dashboard in case you need a sat nav. 

While this might suit your preferences more than having a dedicated screen provided in the car, some people may view this as Volkswagen skimping out on what most people consider the standard in today’s car market.

However, it does still have features like heated front seats, as well as a reversing camera. You can also use the We Connect smart phone app, where users can monitor the rate of charging as well as set pre-entry climate settings to suit their needs.

As for the rear seats, there’s a decent amount of space and they’ll fit adults in the back comfortably, although perhaps not for long journeys, so it might suit you better if you have young children. The doors open fairly wide so they’re easy to get in and out of.  (If you have a bigger family, something like a Renault Zoe may suit you better)

Additionally, the UP has 250 litres of boot space which is on the smaller side, of course you can lay down the back seats to get more space if they’re not being used, it all depends on your lifestyle. There is a bit of a lip so you’ll have to lift things over it in order to place things in the boot, so just keep that in mind!

Volkswagen E UP Lease

If you like the look of the Volkswagen E Up, why not get one for the best price? When you’re signed up to the loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme, you could get a new E UP for only £201 a month, which is a saving of 31%! Click here to sign up and we’ll get in touch. 

Biggest Boot Space EV: MG ZS

  • £217 /month
  • Real world range of 165 miles
  • 5-seater

If hatchbacks don’t really suit your lifestyle, why not go for an affordable electric suv? 

The MG ZS EV is a solid family 5-seater SUV, with a 0-62mph time of 8.6 seconds.  

MG ZS EV Range

MG estimates that the range of the MG ZS is 273 miles however in real world range terms it’s on average around 165 miles, which is significantly shorter. 

MG ZS Interior

The interior of the ZS feels very sleek, with a large touch screen infotainment screen as well as a digital display that’s all relatively user-friendly and easy to navigate, although it can sometimes be a bit slow. While it might not be at the point of luxury, it still has a nice comfortable and sleek feel to it. 

There is also a wireless charging pad for your phone, along with some extra USB ports if you need to charge multiple devices at once. There’s also lots of storage options in the cabin, so if you like to keep bits and bobs at the front with you, you should have plenty of space. 

There’s also an app drivers can download called MG iSmart which has functions like setting charging times so you can schedule charging times outside of peak usage times making charging cheaper, as well as being able to check what charge you’re currently on. Another great feature is that you can set your pre-entry climate preferences, so that you won’t waste your charge on setting the temperature, instead you can use the electricity from your charging point if it’s still plugged in.

Additionally, if you know you’ll have adult passengers in the backseat, this may be the choice for you as three adults can sit comfortably in the back seats. 

MG ZS Boot Space

The ZS has 448 litres in boot space, so no matter your lifestyle or activities you won’t have to worry about space. There’s a bit of a lip you may have to contend with, but other than that it doesn’t get much more practical than this. 

MG ZS Price

Interested in the MG ZS? For only £217 per month, you could get a brand-new ZS when you’re signed up to the loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme, which is a saving of 31%! Sign up here to learn more. 

Fastest Acceleration Electric Car: Mini Hatchback

  • £218 /month
  • Real world range of 115 miles
  • 4-seater

The Mini Electric is a 4-seat hatchback which fits right into the style of its predecessors, looking as cute as ever with its retro-modern design. It has a 0-62mph time of 7.3 seconds which is the fastest time of all the cars on this list, so you’ll most definitely enjoy driving this car. 

Mini Hatchback Range

Mini estimates that the range of the Electric is between 140-145 miles, however the real- world range is estimated to be closer to 115 miles which is not too far from the estimate given by Mini. 

With a range like this it may be more suited to drivers looking for a car for their short daily commute rather than someone who travels long distances.  

Mini Hatchback Interior

The interior of the Mini Electric is pretty much what you would expect from Mini, it all feels relatively sleek and modern. 

There’s a digital drivers display in front of the steering wheel and a circular touchscreen infotainment screen which works predominantly as a satellite navigation display in the centre of the dashboard. 

There are still a fair amount of traditional physical buttons for things like climate control so it’s a nice mix of old and new. You’ll also get a reversing camera which is a fun extra, so you’ll settle into driving this car a bit faster.

Considering the size of the car there is still a good amount of storage in the cabin, so you’ll be able to fit the most important things at the front with you, just don’t count on any extra space.

There aren’t any back doors to get to the backseats, so if you know you’ll frequently have passengers in the back, this might not be the most practical choice for you.  With a boot space of 211 litres, it’s pretty modest in terms of space but keep in mind you can fold down the back seats if you need to transport large items. 

Mini Hatchback Lease Deals

If you’d like to get a new Mini Electric, why not lease one for only £218 per month with loveelectric, saving 31%? Click here to sign up and we’ll get in touch with you. 

Longest Real World Mile Range EV: Renault Zoe

  • £249 /month
  • Real world range of 195 miles
  • 5-seater

If you’re looking for a good reliable family car, you’ve come to the right place. The Renault Zoe has been a popular choice for families across Europe for the last few years, now coming in 8th place in popularity in the UK in 2022

While this 5-seater car may have a 0-62mph time of 11.4 seconds which isn’t the fastest time of the cars on this list, it’s sturdy and reliable, plus it offers a really good range at an affordable price point. 

Renault Zoe Range

While Renault claims the range is around 239 miles, the real-world range is on average more like 195 miles, which is a pretty good range for a moderately priced electric car. It’s important to mention that these figures are estimates, the range will also be affected by external factors such as the driving conditions and temperature. 

Renault Zoe Interior

The interior of the Zoe is pretty nice, there’s a touch screen infotainment screen in the centre of the dashboard which is really user-friendly although it can take a seconds to respond.  There’s also a digital drivers display behind the wheel which will keep you 

There is also a good amount of storage space in the cabin, with a good amount of room in the centre console and door bins (although the door bins in the back aren’t quite as large) However, there is barely any room in the glove compartment, so don’t count on storing much in there.

While on the subject of back seats, while they are decently comfortable there’s not much extra head or legroom so if you know you’re going to have tall passengers in the backseat this might not be the right car for you. Additionally there are 2 usb ports on the back of the centre console so the passengers in the back can charge their devices.

There’s also the option to download the myRenault app, which gives you access to features like setting up the pre-entry climate settings, checking the charge of your vehicle as well as helping you locate it if you forget where you parked.

The boot space of the Zoe is just shy of 340 litres, however there is a lip so you have to lift whatever you’re transporting a little higher in order to get it into the car which is something to keep in mind. If you’d like to have even more space you can always fold down the rear seats however unfortunately the space isn’t flat which may be something to keep in mind.

Renault Zoe Lease

If you’re considering getting a brand-new Renault Zoe, why not lease one? If you sign up to loveelectric you could get on from £249 per month, which is a saving of 31%! Click here to sign up and we’ll get in contact with you. 

Most comfortable Electric Car: Hyundai Kona

  • £254 /month
  • Real world range of 155 miles
  • 5-seater

The previous version of the Hyundai Kona Electric was a trailblazer when it first entered the market and Hyundai are clearly hoping this revised model will live up to the previous model. This 5-seater SUV has a 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds and is pretty fun to drive, so it would make a good family car.

Hyundai Kona Range

Hyundai estimates the range to be up to 300 miles but in real world terms this is probably closer to 155 miles  which is quite a significant difference. 

Hyundai Kona Interior 

The interior of the Kona isn’t too flashy, it has a relatively basic interior that feels durable and practical but not necessarily luxe as a lot of the materials feel a little cheap to the touch. 

However it does have a large drivers display as well as an amazing touchscreen infotainment system, it’s all very user-friendly with a good layout and additional shortcut manual buttons. There’s a nice amount of space in the centre console and wireless charging pad, a decently sized glove compartment and the door bins are on the small side. 

There are also some additional tech bits that add some extra value to the cabin experience, like the  voice recognition option, although that can be a bit fiddly and may take some getting used to.  

You also get a good quality Krell sound system too, so if you like listening to music in the car you’ll no doubt love this feature and like some other contenders on this list there is also a rearview camera to assist with parking.  

As for the backseats, while they may not be the most spacious they will comfortably fit adults over 6 feet tall even when travelling longer distances. If you know that back seat space is a priority for you, a Nissan Leaf or a Volkswagen ID.3 may work better for you, particularly if you regularly need to fit in 3 adults on long journeys. 

Hyundai Boot space

The boot space is pretty decent, with 332 litres in total, although of course you can fold down the back seats to get even more space if you’re transporting large items. If you know you’ll need more space in the boot than that day-to-day, you may be better off with cars like the MG ZS or the Nissan Leaf as the boot space in both those cars are significantly larger. 

Hyundai Kona Electric Lease

When you’re signed up to loveelectric, you could get your hands on a new Kona for as little as £254 per month, which is a saving of 31%! If you’d like to learn more, click here to sign up and we’ll get in touch with you. 

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