Reduce carbon emissions and reward employees. Completely cost-neutral.

loveelectric's electric car salary sacrifice scheme allows companies to reward staff: just like a payrise or bonus. Plus, you'll stay ahead of competitors by improving your company's green credentials.

But the best bit? It doesn't cost your business a penny.

Why businesses love loveelectric

One lovely little employee perk that won’t cost you a penny.

loveelectric can dramatically cut the cost of electric cars for your employees, not only helping you to retain your best talent, but also boosting your company’s green credentials.

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How it works



Fill out this short enquiry form.


We’ll check your eligibility then get in touch to answer any questions you may have.


Sign a simple contract  to sign up to our free service.



Decide who you will open up the scheme to e.g. all staff, senior team only.


Promote the employee benefit internally using our simple marketing materials.


We can also help launch the campaign in style with an online event to inspire your team.



Employees get access to our portal: search available cars, get quotes and request an order.


We’ll check their suitability and present a finalised order for your approval.


Through your dedicated Employer Portal: access template documents, track the status of orders and receive payroll reports.

Hear from our happy clients

Wayne Webb | Vauxhall Corsa-e
Farooq | Tesla Model Y
Allan Laud | Hyundai IONIQ 5
Jim Burdett | Tesla Model 3


Will my company be eligible?
How does the scheme work for an employer?
What happens if my employee leaves?
How much admin is involved?
As a Director, should I get an EV using business contract hire or salary sacrifice?
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