Brand new electric car. Up to 60% off thanks to salary sacrifice.

100% electric

No deposit

Insurance included

loveelectric is your new favourite employee benefit. It helps you and your team save £100s on a new electric car – all thanks to salary sacrifice.

I'm an Employee
Which car can I afford?
I'm an Employee
Which car can I afford?

One lovely little employee perk that won’t cost you a penny.

loveelectric can dramatically cut the cost of electric cars for your employees, not only helping you to retain your best talent, but also boosting your company’s green credentials.

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What is salary sacrifice?

Simply put: salary sacrifice is the most affordable, efficient and financially accessible way of getting behind the wheel of an electric car.

While ‘sacrificing’ your salary might sound daunting, the savings you receive far outweigh the modest reduction in your monthly salary.

How it works

An EV salary sacrifice benefit helps employees get behind the wheel while saving big on tax.

As the monthly lease payment is taken from your salary before tax, our drivers pay less Income Tax and reduce their National Insurance Contributions. With loveelectric, you maximise your take-home pay and get a brand-new, fully insured electric car.

We work with employers across the UK to offer electric cars to their talented team as an employee benefit. In exchange for a small portion of the employee’s gross monthly salary, they’ll drive away in a fully maintained and insured new EV.

How much could I save?

Anywhere between 30-60%

Your saving depends on your salary tax bracket and the current EV Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax.

Getting an EV with salary sacrifice is so affordable because of the ultra-low BiK rate. Any perk gained through an employer is subject to a BiK rate: a type of tax that HMRC charges companies to offer their employees a benefit instead of monetary compensation.

As BiK rates for cars are based on total tailpipe emissions, BiK rates for EVs are incredibly low. Currently, this is just 2% – a massive leap from the lowest BiK rate for petrol or diesel cars at 20%.

How does salary sacrifice compare to traditional leasing?

Salary Sacrifice

No credit checks

No deposit required

Breakdown cover

Full comprehensive insurance

Complete peace of mind motoring

Traditional leasing

Tedious credit checks

££££s required for a deposit

Insurance is an expensive add-on

What our drivers say

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