5,000 miles of
free charging


Get to know your car. We’ll do the charging.

Lease an electric car with loveelectric and enjoy 5,000 free miles of charging on us.

Commute to work.
Nip to the shops.
Drive to Athens and back.

The power is in your hands.

Plug & Play Package

No charger?
No problem.

Save £500 (on average) | Add a Hypervolt charger at checkout and save with salary sacrifice. Learn more, here.

The best
energy tariff

Switch to OVO, add on the Charge Anytime EV tariff and get 5,000 free miles on us. Then charge your electric car for only 7p/kWh - that’s less than 2p/mile.

Free miles

Don’t have the option to install a home charger, or have an incompatible charger? Go for Charge Anywhere and redeem your 5,000 free miles out on the road.
Read full offer details here:
Charge Anytime T&Cs
Charge Anywhere T&Cs

Charge Anytime.
It's miles better.

OVO’s tariff add-on lets you charge your electric car for an incredibly low cost.
It’s green. It’s cheap. It’s smart.

Get Charge
Anytime tariff

  • Select the 5,000 free miles offer after ordering your EV.
  • Add the Charge Anytime tariff and opt-in to smart charging (you'll need a smart meter).

Charge smarter.
Charge greener.

  • Plug your EV into your charger and set when you'd like it to be ready.
  • OVO will charge when the grid is greenest.

Credit in
your account

  • Electricity used to charge your car is billed at OVO's Charge Anytime tariff.
  • 5,000 miles worth of electricity will be totally free.

Used your 5,000 free miles?
Charge your EV for only 7p/kWh.
That's the equivalent of 2p/mile.

How much are you saving
with loveelectric?

We've calculated how much it'd cost to cover 5,000 miles
in a petrol, diesel and electric Volvo XC40.
Volvo XC40




2p/mile onwards


Volvo XC40 petrol, electric and diesel variants. Average cost for 5,000 miles.

How it works

Claim your
5,000 free miles


My company is part of the loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme

If you’re already part of the scheme, simply log in to the loveelectric app and create your profile. Once you’ve submitted an order for an electric car, simply follow the steps and we’ll get you set up.

I’m a driver interested in getting a car via salary sacrifice

We’ll need your company to sign up to loveelectric. It’s totally free for them to join and will get you up to 60% off the normal lease cost of an electric car.