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Hear from drivers who have made the switch to an electric car with our salary sacrifice scheme. From ordering via our app, to how much they're now saving on running costs.

Wayne Webb | Vauxhall Corsa-e
Farooq | Tesla Model Y
Allan Laud | Hyundai IONIQ 5
Jim Burdett | Tesla Model 3

Smiles all round for Farooq and his family in front of their brand new Tesla Model Y 😀⚡

When petrol prices became astronomical during the fuel shortage, Farooq decided it was time to ditch the diesel and go electric.

Why did you decide to make the switch to an electric car?

🌳 I wanted to be more environmentally friendly and get rid of my diesel car as soon as possible. I had always wanted to own a Tesla as my first electric vehicle, but the price to buy outright was really high and normal leasing involves putting down a large deposit.

Thankfully, with salary sacrifice, Farooq was able to get behind the wheel of his dream electric car without having to pay any deposit at all. Plus, he’s now saving £100s every month compared to a normal lease price.

Would you recommend loveelectric to others

💚 I’d definitely recommend. I have already started talking about it to my family and friends. Salary sacrifice is a great scheme and every one should reap the benefits from it.

So, Wayne, why did you decide to make the switch to an electric car?

🌳 Electric cars are clearly the future and I wanted to increase the number of EVs on the road and show off the technology to friends and family. Hopefully me getting an electric car might tempt them to switch.

Has charging been inconvenient or much of an issue for you?

⚡ I can’t have a charger installed at my property, but my workplace currently has 2 chargers and they are increasing that number to 20 in the near future. There are also a couple of public charging points near my home, so I can reliably top-up using those if I need to.

How have you found the loveelectric salary sacrifice scheme?

💚 Everyone has different circumstances, of course, but I would absolutely recommend loveelectric. I see salary sacrifice as a perfect stepping stone into the world of electric cars and would definitely go with loveelectric again.

Wayne Webb | Vauxhall Corsa-e

Wayne recently traded his ageing ‘06 Volkswagen Polo for a brand spanking new Vauxhall Corsa-e. Thanks to the low monthly cost of leasing with loveelectric, he ended up slashing the cost of his daily commute and now enjoys driving one of the best electric cars on offer.

Allan Laud | Hyundai IONIQ 5

For Allan, the switch to electric is all about playing his part in creating a greener future for all. With a young family, Allan wants to make sure that he’s helping his kids’ future – and save money every time he drives.

How have you found the switch to electric?

⚡At first, I was a bit worried about charging my new car but I got a charger fitted at home and there are loads of chargers available around the country which put my mind at ease.

What has been the best thing about driving electric?

🌳 It’s definitely knowing that I’m doing my bit for the environment and helping my children’s future. Even making such a small change helps the environment – and it helps that electricity is cheaper than fuel!

Would you recommend loveelectric’s employee benefit to your colleagues?

💚 I have already told fellow employees how good and easy to do it is and how loveelectric does all the hard work! All I had to do was choose the car. It was so easy and fuss free, and my car was available so quickly, too.

What inspired the switch to electric?

🌳 I think electric cars drive better than petrol or diesel cars. They don’t need to warm up and power delivery is instant. They are quiet and with less moving parts should have less to go wrong. Also, no engine means more storage space.

How have you found the switch from pump to charger?

⚡ The Tesla network has been good and charging can be done on a quick coffee stop which I’d take anyway on a long journey. For day to day use, I charge at home and I save time by not having to go to petrol stations. Having a charging point at home certainly make things a lot easier!

How have you found working with loveelectric?

💚 I was the first person in our company to sign up to loveelectric and it seems to have been a relatively straightforward process to set up. Communication with loveelectric has been good, so all in all we’ve been happy so far.

Jim Burdett | Tesla Model 3

Jim’s switch to electric via loveelectric’s green employee benefit couldn’t have come at a better time. As fuel prices continue to rise, Jim’s Tesla 3 not only frees him from the pump but also from the concern of growing low emission zones around London.

Ricci Gretton | Ford Mustang Mach-e

Through the Ford charging network, Ricci saves over £80 each time he charges his car - even without access to off-street parking. We sat down with Ricci to hear about his new Mach-e and adjusting to EV life.

Tell us, Ricci, when and why did you switch to electric?

🌳 Not only is it better for the environment, but it also helps with the cost of leasing and running my car. It’s a big win, especially in the current climate!

What would you say have been the key benefits to you of driving electric?

⚡ Cost is, of course, a big one: it used to cost me £121 to fill my old car. Now, charging my car on a public network fast charger to get the equivalent mileage costs me around £40 (plus a coffee!). I imagine it’s even cheaper when charging at home. Plus, with an electric car, there isn’t the worry of clutches, timing belts, spark plugs etc.

Would you recommend loveelectric to others?

💚 I would totally recommend the scheme to anyone interested in driving electric, and I always mention it when I am out visiting clients. Thank you, loveelectric!

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