Our story
loveelectric was started by husband and wife Steve and Lyndsey Tigar.
The company exists to make electric vehicles affordable and accessible for everyone, using their business as a force for good.
That’s why the duo cares deeply in their responsibility to you, their staff and our environment.
Since 2021, loveelectric has been building a remarkable team to bolster their vision. We’ve gone from a core team of four to a company of 20+ employees. We know that passion and talent isn’t defined by location: our team stretches from the highlands of Scotland, to the bustle of London all the way to Ukraine.
At loveelectric, our team doesn’t just talk the talk, we drive the talk.
Here’s how.

loveelectric was started by husband and wife Steve and Lyndsey Tigar. The business exists to make electric vehicles affordable and accessible for everyone. But, more than that, we care deeply about our responsibility to you, our staff and our environment. In short, we believe that business can be a force for good. Here’s how we walk the talk.

Our Promise

To ensure loveelectric is a force for good.

We were born a BCorp

And we will remain a BCorp. This means our commitment to the planet and our people is enshrined in the company's legal structure and scrutinised by independent auditors every year.

We are building a community

loveelectric will never give you the “hard sell”. Just the tools, information and support to make the switch when the time is right for you.

We price transparently

So there’s no hidden charges and no luring you in with artificially low monthly fees that require 6 months’ deposit. We simply charge a small commission against the P11D value of the car (you’ll never pay more than 1.5%) which is incorporated into the prices you see on our site - keeping it clean and simple. And the service is cost neutral for companies too.

Our vehicles are 100% electric

We don’t do hybrids, but then we don’t do compromise.  We’re 100% behind improving our planet.

We give back

We are committing 10% of our profits to charity, and will involve our community in deciding which causes to support. We love the idea of supporting Asthma UK’s Clear Air campaign to protect everyone from toxic air pollution which cut thousands of lives short every year.

We’re creating opportunities for Gen Z

We are inspired by Gen Z's passion for the environment. Which is why we are doing our best to create as many employment opportunities for 16-24 year olds - those who have been most detrimentally affected by the pandemic, and many of whom are extremely passionate about tackling the climate crisis.

People are more important than profits

We love running a business, mainly because it enables us to give - not just receive.  One of the best parts of our job is rewarding those who come on the journey with us.

Join the movement


love to join? Help your employees benefit from one of the best employee benefit schemes going without it costing you a penny. Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


love to halve the cost of your new electric car? You just need your employer to sign up first. Fill in your company details so we can get in touch - it won’t cost them a penny but it might earn you a few brownie points.