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In an era where environmental consciousness and employee benefits are pivotal, the adoption of electric car salary sacrifice schemes is gaining momentum across the UK. Among the trailblazers is The Park Academies Trust, an organisation that's not only advancing towards a greener future but also enhancing their employees' welfare through a strategic partnership with loveelectric, a leader in EV salary sacrifice solutions.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Geoff Bryan, Director of IT at The Park Academies Trust, who shared insights into their decision-making process, experiences and the transformative impact of collaborating with loveelectric. Their story is a testament to the power of aligning organisational values with environmental responsibility and the tangible benefits it brings to both employees and the organisation as a whole.

💚 Hey, Geoff! Let's start at the beginning. What mattered most when you were choosing an EV salary sacrifice partner?

There are numerous organisations out there that provide salary sacrifice electric car schemes, but they provide the full spectrum of fossil-fuel based cars. We thought, well, if we’re doing this, we want to do it for the right reasons. We want to give our employees a benefit, but we also want to do the right thing for the environment. With 500 employees and growing, we wanted to contribute towards a green goal, so we shortlisted EV only suppliers – like loveelectric.

💚 Why did you choose to work with loveelectric?

From the get-go, loveelectric stood out for their approach. In our first conversation, they made us feel comfortable and there was no hard sell or aggressive sales push. The conversation was all about what was best for our organisation, our employees and how loveelectric could facilitate the process. We agreed unanimously that loveelectric were the correct partner for us!

💚 What do you like most about working with loveelectric?

The whole team is incredibly responsive and collaborative. I was asking lots of different questions and at no point did I feel that loveelectric tried to avoid answering any questions: they were very responsive and, in some cases, they took new ideas on board for how they could improve things for their customers, too. It was a good, collaborative relationship from the outset.

It’s also incredibly important to work with a partner who is aligned with our values. The Park Academies Trust is very focused on its people, and it’s clear that loveelectric is too: not just their own people, but their customers as well.

💚 How does working with loveelectric help you recruit talented staff?

It’s more important than ever to support our employees to make the most of their salary. We’re all living the cost of living crisis; no one is exempt from it. If you can find a way to get your team’s vehicle a bit cheaper then it’s something that everyone should consider!

Plus, there's no financial requirement for the organisation: it’s a no brainer from my perspective!

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