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With our first reloved EVs cruising the UK's roads, we couldn't resist catching up with Caroline from Oxygen House Group, one of our first reloved drivers. Top of the list: get an inside look at life with her Mini EV. 

The launch of reloved, our revolutionary used EV salary sacrifice marketplace, has been nothing short of a game-changer. Now, our drivers not only enjoy the perks of saving on income tax and National Insurance Contributions through salary sacrifice but also pocket hundreds of pounds in monthly savings by opting for a reloved model over a brand new one. 

Better yet? With reloved, we’ve opened the door for many to bid farewell to their fossil-fueled vehicles and embrace a sustainable EV lifestyle – just like Caroline. 

Hi Caroline! Let’s start at the beginning. Why did you decide to get an EV?

I switched to an electric car because an EV is a more environmentally sustainable way to travel than my previous petrol car. My workplace actively encourages employees to adopt more environmental behaviours – including initiatives to support sustainable travel – through free EV charging ports and cash allowances for employees who commute via sustainable methods. With the increasing cost of running an old petrol car, getting an EV through reloved with loveelectric made the switch incredibly cost-effective.

What barriers initially prevented you from taking the jump to electric? 

The main barrier was cost! The price of new EVs meant the impact on my net take-home pay was too expensive, even with the tax savings generated by salary sacrifice. Plus, the lead time on some models or brand-new EVs was also a deterrent.

So reloved, our used EV marketplace, helped you make the switch? 

Choosing a reloved car accelerated my plans to switch to an EV. It removed my main barrier to making the jump: the cost is much more affordable. It’s excellent value for money – almost 50% cheaper than a brand-new car of the same make and model. Coupled with the Income Tax and National Insurance savings and very low benefit-in-kind rate on EVs, it made the prospect of having a reloved car very appealing. Plus, the fact that reloved cars were available immediately, rather than waiting several months for a brand-new EV, made the switch even more attractive. 

I was also impressed by the information and condition reports on each reloved car. They helped illustrate that the EVs were in excellent condition and gave me confidence that the lease package on offer was excellent value. The initial range of reloved EVs was limited but included Mini Coopers – perfect for what I needed in a car.

That’s fantastic to hear! What have been the best bits of driving electric so far? 

Driving my electric car is so much fun! The Mini Cooper EV is a great driving experience – it's responsive and quick and offers much more functionality than my previous petrol car. Being an automatic makes driving so much easier, both around city and country roads. It is also pleasing to know that driving my EV emits less emissions and noise pollution. It charges very quickly and has different driving settings (from eco to sporty), so there is no range anxiety!

Were there any initial challenges when switching to electric?

No, not really – the only initial nervousness was around changing to an automatic, having driven manual cars all my life!

Would you recommend getting an electric car through our EV salary sacrifice scheme?

Yes, I would highly recommend getting an EV through loveelectric. The launch of reloved has opened up the availability of EVs to a much wider range of employees, and is one of the first EV salary sacrifice providers to do this. The lease also covers the cost of MOTs, servicing, roadside assistance and insurance, which means there are no hidden costs. Being a lease car means there is no requirement to pay a deposit upfront or credit checks to be made. Plus, there are significant savings to be made through the monthly salary sacrifice deductions, meaning that you pay less income tax and national insurance each month. 

loveelectric is also extremely helpful in guiding you through the leasing process with an easy-to-use portal that allows you to play around with car options. If you have any question – ranging from the type of car that might work for you to the installation of a charger – the loveelectric team are on hand to offer support and guidance. They also organised my EV to be delivered straight to my house, reinforcing the impression that loveelectric does its utmost to support its lease customers.

Caroline's journey showcases the immense rewards of choosing reloved electric vehicles – a blend of sustainability, financial prudence and sheer driving pleasure. Her story is a testament to the transformation that awaits those who are ready to make the switch.

Ready to embark on your own electrifying journey? Click here to learn more about our reloved range and explore a world where saving money meets sustainable driving. It's time to accelerate the rEVolution – one reloved EV at a time!