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Published March 6th, 2023

EV salary sacrifice company loveelectric, and Hypervolt, Britain’s preeminent EV charging brand, have today announced their new partnership. The collaboration will save new EV drivers more on a new home charger than the UK Government’s phased-out OZEV £350 grant that came to an end in March 2022. 

Hypervolt’s smart and beautifully-designed charger is now available for loveelectric customers to roll into their EV order –  saving the average customer over £500. The collaboration will ensure that getting a new electric car and charger is simple, accessible and affordable for drivers across the UK. 

This new partnership is one of the first of its kind, as drivers can now get both a new electric vehicle and smart charger through salary sacrifice. In exchange for a small portion of their gross monthly salary, drivers get a brand-new electric car and charger – leading to savings on National Insurance contributions and Income Tax. 

For Hypervolt and loveelectric’ customers, this means that they can save up to 60% on the cost of a new electric vehicle and save over 50% on a fully installed home charger. Customers are promised outstanding service, too, with both companies rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

Steve Tigar, CEO of loveelectric, said, “Our partnership with Hypervolt is a game changer for our customers and the EV market. We created loveelectric to ensure electric cars are accessible and affordable for people across the UK. With Hypervolt, we’ve supercharged this offering by ensuring our drivers can access state-of-the-art, affordable chargers, too. The loss of the OZEV £350 grant towards home chargers was felt across the market and has held the UK’s transition to green transport back."

"Alongside Hypervolt, we’re so excited to offer our customers this huge saving that will ensure that more people can afford to make the jump to electric.” - Steve Tigar, loveelectric

The charger comes with access to Hypervolt’s app, allowing users to schedule their EV charging sessions to access cheaper off-peak energy tariffs, integrate with solar and other smart home features, and track their energy usage and expenditure.

David Woodford, Head of Partnerships at Hypervolt, said, “March 2023 is a big month for us as we celebrate the second anniversary since launch. However, having this occasion coincide with the announcement of our partnership with loveelectric makes this milestone even more special.”

“We're obsessive about the customer experience, and what we've built with loveelectric brings absolute simplicity and clarity to the EV buying journey, from end-to-end,” Woodford continued.

“Disruptors like to work with disruptors, and we are both extremely excited and highly motivated for our two burgeoning brands to roll out this one-stop-shop for EVs.” - David Woodford, Hypervolt

“Salary sacrifice is a game changer for the electric revolution, and finding a charging partner who can also access those savings has been a priority for us for some time,” Tigar concluded. “We’re so excited to work with Hypervolt to help employees across the UK make their salaries go as far as possible – and build together towards a green future.”

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