reloved electric cars

Introducing our nearly-new electric car marketplace

Introducing the UK's best green employee benefit. What's not to love?

Immediate delivery

Lowest cost

Minimal risk

Immediate Delivery

Forget lead times, build dates and cancelled orders. Every electric car listed with reloved is available for immediate delivery. Simply order online and we'll deliver your employee’s shiny (nearly) new EV directly to their door.

Lowest Monthly Cost

Getting an electric car with reloved offers your team the absolute best price on the latest EVs. reloved cars come with a full service history and include servicing & maintenance as standard for the duration of your lease. For extra peace of mind, every car undergoes an independent RAC inspection, too.

Minimal risk

reloved joins our market-leading offering to give you the ultimate peace of mind. If your employee needs to end their lease with us for any reason, they can list their EV on reloved – giving you even more options to deal with unforeseen circumstances before our industry-leading early termination protection kicks in.

How reloved works

Whether your employee is looking for the best deal in e-motoring or needs to end their lease early for any reason, reloved is here to help.

Get your (nearly) new car with reloved

The quickest way to get behind the wheel of an electric car. No lead times. Just good times.

Find your perfect car

Your team will explore the best deals in all-electric motoring through the loveelectric app. See actual photos of the cars, view any imperfections and generate a personalised quote.

Get a Quote

Once they’ve found their perfect deal, we'll provide a bespoke quote and a rundown of the monthly costs. The lease price includes fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance.

Inspection and Delivery

If you're happy with the monthly lease price, we then ask for a £250 reservation fee and will instruct a full RAC Inspection of the car. After reviewing the report, you can then choose whether to proceed with the lease. If so, you'll have a new-to-you EV delivered to your door.

List an electric car on our reloved marketplace

Another layer of protection for employers. Maximum flexibility for drivers.

Contact our team

To kickstart the reloved process, you’ll first need to contact the loveelectric team and let us know you’d like to list your car with reloved.

Upload photos to the app

We’ll then ask your employee to get the car valeted (this will be reimbursed). Once it’s clean and shiny, they’ll take photos and upload them via our unique app.

We’ll list the car for you

After receiving all of the relevant information, we’ll list the car on our reloved marketplace. It typically takes around a month (although there’s no guarantee we’ll find a match) to find a suitable driver to take on the car and its lease. Once a new owner is found, your employee has to pay the equivalent of one month’s gross deduction as an admin fee.

The comfort of an full RAC inspectation before you commit

Once you choose your car and place a £250 deposit, we will order an RAC car inspection to identify any issues with the car.

Find your car


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