The Electric Vehicle revolution is well on its way, with UK roads now home to 695,000+ pure battery EVs.

But that number is just a drop in the water when we consider the number of people who are ready to switch to electric. At loveelectric, we’re on a mission to make EVs accessible and affordable – but, unfortunately, the incredibly long lead times are holding many new adopters back.

That’s why we’ve made it our business to bring our clients the shortest lead times possible, so they can get behind the electric wheel ASAP.

Keep reading to learn how we do it!

Below, we give a rundown of how to reduce your wait and why lead times are so long in the first place.

Order an EV that’s in-stock

This may sound obvious, but ordering an EV that’s ready to be delivered to your door is the quickest and easiest way of getting behind the wheel. The tricky part is getting access to that stock and knowing where to look.

With loveelectric, we have direct access to exclusive weekly stock sheets, thanks to close relationships with manufacturers and dealerships across the UK. 

This means our drivers can have a brand new Tesla Model Y delivered to their door in only two weeks: from clicking ‘order’ on the loveelectric app to getting the keys (or card in Tesla’s case) in their hand in only 14 days.

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Be flexible on trim, options or features

So, you have your heart set on a particular make and model of electric vehicle. However, the lead time is horrendously long and you need a car now. What do you do?

Time to be flexible - no yoga required.

Auto manufacturers are keen to offer drivers a bespoke vehicle that suits their needs, but this typically leads to hundreds of different configurations of the same vehicle.

Consequently, one of the best ways to reduce the wait time on an EV is to be flexible on the trim, optional extras or features that are available on the car. 

Because manufacturers will bulk-build specific configurations of a vehicle in batches, your desired trim may not be due for manufacture for six months. By compromising on small trim options, such as sat nav being included or size of wheels, you broaden your chances of finding an available car.

Sometimes even changing the paint colour can take months off a lead time!

For loveelectric drivers, we constantly scan the market for manufacturers’ build slots and which configuration of car will be available the earliest. We then proactively advise our customers of what stock will shortly be available, allowing them to order it before it becomes widely available.

Find your perfect EV

Keep an eye on lead times

If budget isn’t a concern, you have no particular model in mind and your main priority is just making the switch to electric - then use our public lead time tracker.

Our live list updates automatically with the latest lead times for all makes and models as soon as the manufacturer announces it. Check back regularly to see if your desired EV has hit the production line or there are some available.

Cars go quickly, though: make sure that your boss has set up loveelectric's employee benefit so you can take advantage of these short lead times.

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Think ahead and order early

The 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars is looming. With it, the demand for EVs is growing exponentially. So think ahead and order early. Of course, manufacturers will continue to ramp up their production numbers, but it’s uncertain when production output will match demand.

The fact of the matter is: lead times are long.

If you’re in the early stages of considering an EV, we’d suggest starting the process now - especially if you’re interested in one of the more popular makes and models of electric car. Get the wheels in motion so you can hit the road exactly when you want to and get signed up to loveelectric now.

Let us do the hard work for you

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