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Even though electric vehicles have only become staple of UK roads in the past couple of years, there is already an abundance of noise and information to digest. It's difficult to sift through the endless blogs, clickbait YouTube channels and podcasts full of fluff.

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Below is a handpicked selection of the best YouTube channels, EV-dedicated podcasts and all-electric automotive outlets. You'll find the most accurate and entertaining EV reviews and clean energy news available on the internet.

Watch Electric Vehicles on YouTube

Fully Charged Show

The Fully Charged Show is the internet’s premier all-electric motoring show. Co-created by Robert Llewellyn - of Scrapheap Challenge and Red Dwarf fame - Fully Charged is arguably a one-stop shop for everything related to clean transportation.

The presenting team spans the globe; UK, China, America, Europe and the UK. Multiple videos are released every week. Nearly every imaginable topic is covered. From upcoming electric car reviews to the latest in solar tech, Fully Charged is likely to have a video on it buried in the depths of its extensive back catalogue.

If you’d like to get hands-on with some of the latest offerings from the all-electric motoring world, then why not head to Fully Charged LIVE? They have two UK shows: Harrogate and Farnborough, but have also expanded to Canada, Australia and the USA. 

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The Late Brake Show

Hosted by Jonny Smith - who you may recognise as a former Fifth Gear presenter - actually started out on YouTube as a presenter for Fully Charged. Jonny departed Fully Charged at the beginning of 2020 to create his own channel - The Late Brake Show.

Although not a channel dedicated wholly to electric motoring, there are plenty of high-quality, longform reviews of the latest and greatest EVs on the market.

As an established motoring journalist, Jonny Smith is incredibly knowledgeable and reviews each electric car within the context of the wider automotive market. The no-fluff, down-to-earth approach will be familiar to any fans of traditional motoring journalism, granting an accessible entry point for those maybe less familiar with electric vehicles. 

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Transport Evolved

Much like Fully Charged, the team at Transport Evolved don’t just cover electric vehicles, but everything that goes along with them. With over 20 years of combined EV motoring experience under their belt, Transport Evolved are a great independent channel for catching up on all things electric.

Bringing a much needed female voice to the world of all-electric motoring, host Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield reviews upcoming electric cars, reports weekly on the latest industry news and researches green energy on your behalf.

The weekly 30-minute news rundown is a definite highlight. Presented in a traditional news format, these easy-to-digest episodes give a concise look at everything that happened within the all-electric industry the previous week. 

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Read Electric Vehicle Blogs


Founded in 1897 as the Automobile Club of Great Britain, the RAC has provided services and advice to the UK’s motorists for over 125 years. It epitomises the term ‘established’. Seeing through the rise, sustainment and eventual fall of the internal combustion engine, the RAC is better poised than most to provide expertise on the latest electric cars and the associated tech.

There’s plenty of written EV reviews, along with some comprehensive 1hr+ videos to accompany the most popular models.

Their Volkswagen ID.3 review for example, scored the German hatchback a solid 75/100, going as far to even say it will “change the way you think about Volkswagen” and is clever enough “to make a conventional family hatchback seem hopelessly outdated.”

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Discover EV

This motoring outlet aims to provide the “latest unbiased facts, news and reviews about EVs, battery tech, charging and everything AFV” directly to drivers. From road tests to news updates, Discover EV cover a comprehensive list of everything electric.

Black Tesla Model Y parked on a grey road
Photo by Eyosias G on Unsplash

Story highlights include: pitting the Mercedes-Benz EQB against the Tesla Model Y to see which is king of the all-electric SUVs. 

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Electric Road

Who better to review electric vehicles, than electric vehicle owners themselves?

Electric Road is a completely independent outlet. Home to an extensive amount of EV reviews generated by its users, the Electric Road is an online EV community whereby the potential bias of commission, maintaining manufacturer relationship and/or salesmanship is completely eliminated.

Even though the reviews are not produced or written by professional automotive journalists, they’re still a useful insight into the day-to-day realities of owning a specific model of electric car.  

Users can also submit reviews and offer insight into the ancillary aspects of owning an electric vehicle. There’s plenty of posts addressing specific home charging set ups, along with anecdotal records of how drivers have found using the UK’s public charging network. 

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Listen to Electric Vehicle Podcasts

Fully Charged Podcast (hosted by Robert Llewellyn)

The most prolific electric vehicle outlet also has a dedicated podcast. 

Released weekly, Robert Lllewellyn takes the reins and recaps the largest industry news stories, clean energy breakthroughs and announcements from the globe’s biggest automakers. Experts are frequently brought on as guests to discuss specialist subjects, but Robert’s infectious enthusiasm is the real reason to listen.

Like many podcasts of late, the Fully Charged Podcast is available to listen to via all the usual outlets, but is also available to watch on YouTube - whichever suits best.

The Big Green Money Show (hosted by Deborah Meaden)

Famous for being a Dragon’s Den stalwart, Deborah Meaden talks to some of business’ biggest names “about the biggest problem facing the planet: climate change.”

While the focus of the podcast is more generally about the symbiotic relationship between business and carbon output, it’s an incredibly insightful look into the way companies are handling their responsibility to reduce harmful emissions and pollution.

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Inside EVs (hosted by Domenick Yoney)

The Inside EVs podcast takes the crown as the longest running show on the list, consistently putting out an episode per week since early 2020. 

This quantity of episodes has not come at the expense of quality. 

Hosted by Domenick Yoney, each episode delves into a few subjects in detail, offering insight into new tech or brand new EVs. Often accompanied by a few panellists to keep conversation flowing, the Inside EVs podcast is one of the most established and astute sources of information on our list.


Whether you’re a driver looking to dip your toe in all-electric motoring or an early adopter, these nine resources are home to a deep knowledge base. Keep up with the latest EV news, get to grips with the latest electric cars and brush up the importance of climate-conscious business practices.

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