Congratulations! Your company has signed up with loveelectric. It’s time to see those sweet, sweet carbon savings roll in and your employee retention increase. But how do you ensure your employees are excited and get involved?

Introducing a new employee benefit is an exciting position to find yourself in. Not only do new benefits keep your employees happy, but they also put you in a competitive position when attracting new talent. 

In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of successfully rolling out loveelectric’s green employee benefit to your employees. Getting your employees behind the wheel of an electric car is our highest priority – so let’s work together to put your employees in the driving seat.

Want to learn more? See how EV salary sacrifice helps boost a company’s employee retention and attract the best talent. Plus, it helps pave the way towards your business becoming net zero. Get started for free here.

Why loveelectric?

Say hello to your new favourite employee benefit. Through our electric car salary sacrifice model;

  • We help reduce your company emissions
  • Save your employees a load of cash
  • Give your employees an effective pay rise
  • Boost employee attraction and retention

All with our completely cost-neutral benefit.*

Similar to the popular cycle-to-work scheme, your employees sacrifice a small amount of their salary in return for up to 60% off a brand new electric car.

Find out how your tax band affects the savings you’ll make

Critically, implementing our green employee benefit gives you the pick of the most talented employees. More than ever before, employees care about what their employer values – and your business needs to walk the talk. 71% of Millenials and Gen Z’s consider climate change the greatest challenge facing their generation, and 44% of Millenials and 49% of Gen Z’s have made choices about what work they do, and whom they do that work for, based on their values. 

Transitioning to a fully electric company car fleet is one of the best ways to dramatically cut your company’s Scope 3 emissions. With zero emissions by tailpipe, each fossil-fuel car you replace with an electric one is a big step towards your company’s sustainability goals. 

Implementing loveelectric’s green employee benefit shows that your company is ready to take real action as a climate-conscious company – leading to happier, more engaged and motivated employees.

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But your company won’t realise these benefits unless your employees know about loveelectric and understand how it works. We have set up our onboarding process to make sure you make the most of the initial excitement and get employees engaged. 

Through two essential emails - the Welcome email and Next Steps email - we’ll lead you step-by-step through a successful rollout. 

*loveelectric is cost-neutral for the employer. We bill the employer a 1.5% admin fee on the net cost of each EV – but this small fee is offset by the employer’s National Insurance Contribution savings, so you won’t be out of pocket a penny for running the benefit. 

Let’s get you set up: the Welcome email

You’re convinced: loveelectric is the right way forward for your company. With your new sustainability strategy rolling out across the business, the pressure is on to transition to ditch diesel and switch to electric company-wide. Luckily, learning about loveelectric’s EV salary sacrifice benefit has left a smile on your face. 

With a simple application - you’re all set. So what happens next?

Luckily, everything you’ll need to do is captured in our Welcome and Next Steps emails. Landing in your inbox shortly after signing up, these two emails will take you, step by step, through the entire onboarding process – so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! 

The first – and most crucial – thing for you to do is to attend one of our weekly onboarding calls. This is a quick, 15-minute webinar run by one of the delightful loveelectric team members. They’ll give you a tour of our app from both the employee and company side, explain how to update payroll and take you through the essential aspects of the scheme. This allows you to run the scheme successfully for your company.  

This call is so important that we suggest that anyone involved in administering the scheme should join: HR representatives and any payroll and invoicing staff. It will also give you the opportunity to have your questions answered live – so have them ready and make sure to come along! 

We are often asked about lead times and early termination obligations on these calls. 

As an independent ‘neo-broker’, we constantly scan the market for the best prices from the top leasing companies, and our network of 300+ dealerships across the UK means we have the fastest lead times on the market. This means that we frequently have in stock, ready-to-drive cars available. When you sign up, please ask one of the loveelectric team to send you the latest list of in-stock cars so your employees can start driving electric as soon as possible. 

When implementing a new employee benefit, we know that mitigating the risk to your business is top priority. That’s why we’ve ensured our market-leading early termination protection policy offers maximum cover - easing the stress for you and your team. The table below covers the key information about our cover.

loveelectric's 5* cover for early termination protection
Read more about our market-leading early termination protection

The Welcome email will also give you your first peek at our app. It’s the space where your employees browse cars, receive bespoke quotes and place orders. Your unique ‘magic link’ grants access to the app for the company, so make sure you store this email safely. Simply click the magic link to get started! 

Once you’ve attended the onboarding call and had a peruse, another email will arrive in your inbox. This includes everything you’ll need to start reaping the benefits of loveelectric’s EV salary sacrifice benefit.

Rolling out the perk: the Next Steps email

With all of the formalities out of the way, it’s time to turn the focus on getting your employees engaged and excited about the prospect of an affordable electric car.

Shortly after your onboarding call, you’ll receive the Next Steps email. This information goldmine is brimming with marketing materials, examples of how to promote the benefit to your employees, case studies, and more. 

You’ll also learn about our weekly Lunch and Learn sessions. These sessions allow employees to learn more about loveelectric, have their questions or concerns answered during a live Q&A, and learn all they need to know about how the perk works. Led by our Customer Success team and EV Experts, these are essential for anyone curious about how to get started with the perk.

But where do you get started? Below, we outline some ideas and best practice tips about how to distribute the information to your employees.

1. Announce the new perk on Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer or your next company newsletter

Your employees won’t know about loveelectric’s EV salary sacrifice perk if you don’t tell them about it! Utilise online workspace like Slack, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Include it in your regular company newsletter. Even a flyer on the notice board in your break room. Sharing the information directly with your employees is the best place to start. 

What to include in your message:

  • Key details about loveelectric’s employee benefit, and that employees can save up to 60% on a new electric car lease
  • A link to sign up to our next Lunch and Learn (you can find this in the Next Steps email)
  • The magic link to register for our app, so they can start browsing cars (you’ll find this in the Welcome email)
  • A promotional image from the Next Steps email

2. Work with your sustainability team to ramp up excitement about the benefit

If your company has a sustainability or green team, they should be your first port of call for introducing loveelectric’s employee benefit to the business. Our benefit directly impacts your company’s CSR and ESG goals – so getting your sustainability team excited about the new benefit will ramp up engagement from the get-go. 

Introducing loveelectric’s perk through your sustainability team will reinforce that your company is making impactful steps towards becoming a climate-conscious company. It will also give the benefit a human face, making it seem more approachable and accessible. 

If you’d like to learn how we can support you with this sort of approach, please get in touch with our team!

3. Post about the perk on LinkedIn and recommend it to employees

Telling the world about partnering with loveelectric is a fantastic way to spread the word far and wide that you’re on the path towards becoming a climate-conscious company. One way to do this is by recommending a post to your employees on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve made the post (check out the Next Steps email for some example posts!), simply hover over the three dots to the right of the post and click ‘Notify employees’. Simple as that!

4. Enlist some champions

Great news loves great people – so make sure you’re sharing stories about loveelectric drivers in your company! In our Next Steps email, you’ll find a brochure with some of our driver testimonials to distribute. What’s even more powerful though? Social proof. We encourage our partners to ask drivers to share the experience of getting their new EV with team members.

Whether you include an interview in your company newsletter, open a #loveelectric channel in your Slack, or ask the driver to share about the experience at the next company stand-up, showing engaged and excited drivers is a compelling route to activating the retention and sustainability perks of the benefit.

Make sure you have full buy-in from your senior leadership team, too. Many of our partners offer electric cars to their senior leadership team first. If so, it’s likely the first electric cars in the office car park arrive around the same time the benefit is launched to the broader company. 

5. Talk about loveelectric’s EV benefit early and often

After you’ve put the time into researching EV salary sacrifice benefits, spoken with numerous business development teams and finally made a decision to go with loveelectric - there’s nothing more frustrating than not seeing employees engaging with the perk!

Many people need to hear about a benefit multiple times before it sticks. Make sure you plan to communicate about loveelectric at regular intervals – and on multiple channels. Use some of the ideas from this article in your plan, and you’ll be sure your colleagues know everything they need about loveelectric. 

6. Ask the loveelectric team for help! 

We’re here to help. If there’s anything you’d like support with in rolling out the benefit, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can host exclusive Lunch and Learn sessions for your company, offer our EV Expert’s personalised advice, provide additional marketing materials and even work with you to develop new features on our app. 

Ready to join the electric revolution – and have more happy and engaged employees? Join our next webinar to learn how to get started for free!