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Electric car range anxiety is a key reason behind the hesitation for many people when it comes to going electric. Range anxiety is defined as the fear of the battery draining before reaching a charging point (Collins English Dictionary). In a 2021 study conducted by J.D. Power, it was found that the two main key aspects which affected consumers range anxiety were the claimed range of the electric car, as well as if real world range was as great as the claimed range from the manufacturer. (Forbes) But what if you didn’t have to worry about that? 

We’ve compiled a list of some electric vehicles with the best range so you can feel secure in the knowledge that your electric vehicle (EV) has the capacity to take you on journeys without constantly needing to stop and charge, whether you’ll be going on long journeys or simply going on your 10 minute commute to work.  

polestar 2 lease Uk
 Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

10. Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is the first fully electric car from Polestar, and it’s quickly becoming one of Tesla's biggest rivals and it’s a strong contender in the market. 

Polestar 2 Range 

While the manufacturers claim the range of the Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor is over 355 miles, the real world range is probably more around 265 miles

Polestar 2 Interior

The interior of the Polestar 2 is minimal in its style but not to the same extreme as the interior of most Teslas. It feels sleek and futuristic, so if you like a good clean, Scandinavian design, this may be a good option for you.

One great feature that the Polestar has is an android infotainment screen, and you can tell it’s made by the best. Navigation is made really easy and a lot of features are customisable so you get a seamless experience. There’s also an option to use Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands while driving, meaning you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. Additionally, there is an option to wireless charging for mobile phones, which always comes in handy. 

There’s a decent amount of interior space, however when compared to competitors such as the Tesla model 3 there may not be quite as much space for storage. Still, it’s got a decent room in door bins, centre console and glove box, along with around 405 litres of space in the trunk. There’s also a good amount of room in the back seats, again, it’s not quite as spacious as the Tesla Model 3 but you could still travel in a good amount of comfort provided you’re not over 6 foot tall. 

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ford mustang mach e review
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9. Ford Mustang Mach E (Extended Range)

If you’ve always liked the idea of owning a Mustang, why not go electric? With a 0-62mph time of around 7 seconds, this car feels like it was created specifically to become a premium SUV that would make a great family car.

Ford Mustang Mach E range 

The claimed range of the Ford Mustang Mach E Extended Range is 379 miles, but in real world range is more likely to be around 270 miles, but keep in mind that this may fluctuate depending on the conditions you’re driving in. 

Ford Mustang Mach E Interior 

The interior of this car feels very premium and stylish. It has a portrait infotainment screen, clearly somewhat inspired by previous Tesla models, and the screen is great quality and pretty responsive to touch. One slightly odd feature is that there is still a physical volume dial at the bottom of the screen, although this is perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing choice it still works well.As for the driver's display, it is on the smaller side but it doesn't get obscured by the steering wheel. 

There’s a good amount of storage space in the centre console, and similar to most EVs on the market today, it has a charging pad to charge a mobile phone but you probably won't be able to fit two there. As for door bins, they’re a good size but not quite as big as some other cars on the market. 

The back seats are incredibly spacious, so if you know you’ll be travelling with adults in the back seats a lot this is a great choice as they’ll most definitely be comfortable. There’s an ok amount of space in the boot as well, with around 400 litres in storage capacity and there’s an additional 80 litres in the front boot or ‘froot’. while this isn’t as much as some other cars on this list, if you know you won’t need a lot of luggage capacity this might not bother you. 

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vw id3 colours
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8. Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S Tour

The ID.3 Pro S Tour is small but mighty. With a 0-60mph time of 9.62 seconds, this EV is a great choice if you’re looking for a good city car with a stylish exterior for an affordable price. 

VW ID.3 Range

The claimed range of the ID.3 Pro S Tour is 338 miles, however in real world range it’s slightly less at approximately between 280 miles which is still a great range, especially considering the price point is more affordable. 

VW ID.3 Interior

The interior of the ID.3 is pretty minimalistic and modern, yet it doesn’t feel too empty in its design. While there’s not a ton of space in the glove compartment, the door bins and centre console are pretty roomy so you could fit whatever you need there. 

Just like most EVs the ID.3 has a touchscreen, but when using the software system you may see a slight dip in quality as it’s not quite as user friendly as some of its competitors on the market. One great feature is its digital drivers display, as when you adjust the steering wheel the display moves along with it the driver is always able to see the display no matter how the wheel is adjusted. 

There are also a couple of USB-C ports at the back and front, along with a wireless charging mat at the front too. The seats are perhaps not quite as comfortable as some of its rivals but it is definitely manageable.

The ID.3 feels pretty roomy, it is pretty comfortable with a good amount of legroom and headroom, although that being said it’s not quite as spacious as some of its rivals so it will depend on how much room you’d like inside your car, but you will easily fit adults in the back comfortably provided they’re not extremely tall. There’s a good amount of space in the boot also, it can take up to 385 litres which always comes in handy. 

Like the Skoda Enyaq, the VW ID.3 has a combination of manual and touchscreen buttons, so if you’re looking for something that still has the traditional car feel but still feels modern, you’ll like this interior. One thing to note about the touchscreen buttons is that they may take some getting used to as it can be difficult to tell whether or not you’ve managed to press the right button, especially when driving. 

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bmw i4 review
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7. BMW i4

The BMW i4 eDrive40 was designed based on the BMW 3 series, so it has a bit more of a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) feel, but it is definitely an electric car through and through. With a 0-60mph time of 5.7 seconds, you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing the traditional style of a BMW while still benefiting from the best technology has to offer. 

BMW i4 Range

This EV has a claimed range of just over 365 miles, but keep in mind that this will vary depending on factors such as weather and climate (read more on how batteries are affected by weather here). The real world range is more likely to be around 290 miles

BMW i4 Interior 

The interior of the i4 feels quite similar to a BMW 4 Series, it’s good quality and although it might not be quite as high-end as some of its rivals. Nevertheless, it feels comfortable and well made while still feeling pretty sporty. 

The i4 has a great infotainment screen which is larger than in most EVs and is excellent quality, but along with that there are also a lot of physical buttons for basic things (with one notable expectation being the climate control) so if you’re not a fan of everything being done through one screen such as a Tesla than this might be a good option. 

It’s also a contender to some competitors when it comes to tech, with some options such as wireless charging pads and being able to have voice control functions. 

In general the i4 has a good amount of interior space for storage including in the back seats, where there is also a decent knee room but it may not be the best if you have adults 6 foot and over in the back as the head room isn’t quite as great. However, there are options at the back for climate control and there’s also USB ports which are great if you need to charge something or keep children entertained with various devices such as phones or tablets during a long journey. The boot is pretty spacious too, offering around 470 litres all in all, which is great if you’re travelling far. 

BMW i4 Price

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tesla model 3 performance 0 60
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6. Tesla Model 3 Performance

If price is less of a concern and you want the best allrounder EV, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is a strong contender. It still has all of the features you would expect from a Tesla model 3 however the Performance has a 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds and a much higher top speed (over 160mph), so if you like a fast car, this is one of the strongest competitors on the market today. 

Tesla Model 3 Performance Range

Tesla claims this EV has a range of 352 miles, however in real world range that number is closer to 290, which is still a decent amount and not too far off of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range range. Again, if money is not a factor and you don’t mind having only 10 miles less than the Long Range, this is one to consider. 

Tesla Model 3 Performance Interior

This Performance version of the Model 3 is similar to other versions of the model 3 in that it has a sleek, futuristic and minimal design. Just like the Long range version, it has nice features such as a wireless charger area for your phones and options for USB-C ports. 

Again, similar to the other versions of the model 3, it also offers a good amount of interior space, including large doorbins and a decent sized glove compartment. There’a also 561 litres of space in the trunk which is a good amount of space, especially for long journeys. One consideration is that there is not as much space in the back seats for people with longer legs, so if you know you’ll have passengers in the back seat often it’s something to keep in mind. 

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skoda enyaq price
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5. Skoda Enyaq

The Skoda Enyaq iV 80 is a great family car that will take you that bit further due to its range. This SUV has a 0-62mph time of 8.6 seconds, which is quick compared to ICE cars but not quite as fast as some of the other EVs on this list. 

Skoda Enyaq Range 

According to the manufacturer, the range is 336 miles but in real world terms that will probably dip down to around 300 miles, again this will depend on the conditions you’re driving in as with any EV. 

Skoda Enyaq Interior 

The interior of the Skoda Enyaq feels pretty nice quality and modern, but it still feels like a family car and isn’t minimalistic like other EVs available on the market like Tesla. For example, it still has shortcut buttons for the infotainment screen, so it has a nice mix of modern and traditional aspects. 

The Enyaq also has a nice amount of interior space, perfect for storing things on a long journey. The back seats are also pretty spacious so will definitely be able to fit adults comfortably.

As for boot space, there’s around 580+ litres, so the Enyaq is a great option if you know you’ll be travelling far with a lot of luggage, or if you lead a busy family life and often find yourself needing to pack a lot stuff on a daily basis, you’ll be able to do it all! 

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tesla model 3 long range uk
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4. Tesla Model 3 Long Range

You may be wondering what the difference is between the standard Model 3 and the Long Range version? Well, the two key differences are the additional electric motor on the front axle and the bigger battery on the Long Range version, giving it a greater range compared to the standard. 

As for how it compares to the Performance version, if the price of the Model 3 Performance is just slightly out of your ideal price range but you love the idea of being able to travel far before needing to stop and charge, the Tesla model 3 Long Range is a great choice. 

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Real World Range

While Tesla estimates the range of the Model 3 Long Range to be roughly 360 miles, in real world range it’s estimated to be more like 300 miles, although it's definitely possible you’ll get more range depending on the weather conditions you’re driving in. 

Tesla Model 3 Interior (Long Range) 

The interior of the Long Range has the same futuristic design as the model 3 and it’s pretty spacious, making it a nice option for longer journeys. As with most Teslas, there’s quite a lot of storage space inside, there’s plenty of room in the centre console and door bins. There’s also around 425 litres in boot and froot (front boot) spaces, but it’s not the best when it comes to tall things you may want to store. 

Just like the other Model 3s, it has some fun extras like heated seats for both the front and back seats, satellite mapping and you can save different preferences of 10 profiles so if you’re sharing the car with anyone you can have their preferences saved in the car so it’s more convenient day-to-day. 

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bmw ix review
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3. BMW iX

This distinctive looking SUV was built from the ground up as an electric car, and with a 0-62 mph time of 4.6 seconds and its clean design it is a strong contender in the market. 

BMW iX Range

The claimed range of the BMW iX xDrive 50 is 380 miles, however the mileage is probably more like 315 miles in real world range, although it’s important to keep in mind that real world range is dependent on environmental factors

BMW iX Interior 

The interior of the BMW iX xDrive 50 feels very sleek and luxurious, definitely still minimalist and high tech but it does have a couple of features that make it stand out. Straight away one of the most eye-catching parts of this design is the infotainment screen, which has a long landscape and curved design. It all feels really sleek, however that does come at the cost of not having many physical buttons so that’s something to keep in mind. The quality of the screen is great and it’s very responsive. Using the infotainment screen to change settings may take some getting used to as from a user experience standpoint it feels a bit jumbled, however it’s easily customisable. 

One big design difference is that there’s no divide between the front dash and the centre console, so there’s plenty of legroom (although this might not really be a selling point for the driver as it’s of course best to keep your feet close to the pedals). There is still space for a charging pad for your phone and a large amount of space in the centre console for storage so it doesn't feel like you’re missing anything in that area. There’s also a good amount of space in the door bins but the glove compartment is somewhat small so depending on how or what you like to store things this may or may not matter to you. Another difference in terms of design is the hexagonal steering wheel, which may be a bit polarising based on your personal tastes but it can’t be argued that this model stands out. 

There’s plenty of room in the back seats so three adults would be able to sit comfortably on long journeys, and there’s also USBc chargers in the back of the front seats so the passengers in the back seats can use their electrical devices for as long as they like (provided they have a charger with them). There's also 500 litres in storage space in the boot, so great for long journeys. 

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tesla model s black
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2. Tesla Model S UK

The Model S had a bit of a facelift recently after almost 10 years on the market, so you’ll now get both improved performance and an updated appearance, particularly with the interior. With a claimed 0-60 of around 3 seconds, this sleek sedan has been a strong contender in the car market for a while and now with this latest update, it will most likely remain so. 

Tesla Model S Range

Tesla claims the range of the Model S is around 400 miles, it’s real world range is likely to be closer to around the 360 miles mark, which is still an excellent range. 

Tesla Model S Interior

As previously mentioned, the interior of the Model S was updated pretty recently. First of all, the overall design in the updated Model S feels more sleek and almost Scandinavian in terms of design, so if you didn’t like the look of the more retro-modern design of the previous iterations of the model S, this might just be music to your ears. 

The main centre display screen is also now in landscape rather than portrait as it used to be. This does make it somewhat easier to use when driving, and it’s also ever so slightly tilted towards the driver too making it ever easier to see. 

There’s a second screen behind the wheel, which works as a driver's display. This has also been updated but the main change is yoke. Perhaps somewhat controversially, Tesla exchanged the typical steering wheel with what they’re calling the Tesla yoke, which looks like a hybrid of a steering wheel you’d see in a F1 car and what you might expect to see in the cockpit of an aeroplane. It certainly looks different and somewhat futuristic, it will most likely take some getting used to and may not be to everyone's taste.

The third screen is located at the back of the centre console, so it faces the back seats. Although the screen may be a bit too low down for adults, this screen was designed to be used for gaming which is perfect for entertaining children on a long journey.

While the front seats feel spacious and comfortable for adults, the back seats may not be so great for taller people when it comes to long journeys, so keep that in mind if back seat space is a consideration for you. 

There’s also some more expected updates such as all the seats are now heated and there are wireless charging mats in both the front in the centre console and one in the back middle seat (when it’s folded down into arm rest). The general feel of the interior is definitely more in line with the Model 3 and Y. 

The boot space is around 700 litres, which is the largest boot space of all the cars mentioned in this list, so if you know you need a lot of space this car may be the perfect choice for you. 

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eqs mercedes price uk
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1. Mercedes EQS UK

The Mercedes EQS is a stylish and luxurious sedan that doesn’t skimp on the details - this is luxury through and through. It has a 0-60mph time of 3.4 seconds, so you won’t sacrifice comfort over speed, you’ll get the best of both worlds. 

Mercedes EQS Range

The range of the EQS is slightly less than that of its closest rivals, the claimed range is 453 miles and the real world range is roughly 395 miles, making it  one of the strongest contenders in this list of long range EVs. 

Mercedes EQS Interior 

There is no doubt that this is a luxury car. The interior feels so luxe and clean, not in a minimalist sense but it feels expensive and comfortable. It has a large centre console with plenty of storage space both there and in the door bins, so when travelling you’ll still be able to have space for all your belongings. 

As for the tech side, it has a combination of both touch screen and with some traditional buttons too. While it’s maybe bordering on the more high tech side of the spectrum, it still doesn’t feel alienating if you’re a first time EV owner or just someone who isn’t a fan of the extreme minimalism of Tesla. 

The infotainment screen is stunning, it’s got three separate screens (a digital drivers display, the main infotainment screen and an additional one for the front passenger seat) on one piece of glass that covers the front of the car. As for the backseats, they each get a media screen too, so if you need to entertain children on long journeys this may come in handy. 

There’s also plenty of room in the back seats, so you don’t need to feel cramped in the back if you’re an adult travelling in the back on far journeys. There’s plenty of space at the back for storage too so again, great for longer journeys. To make it even more convenient, there’s a ton of USBc charging ports as well as wireless charging mats for mobile phones in both the front and back seats, so there’s lots of charging options for any electric devices you may want to have in the car. Additionally, there is also 610 litres of boot space, and while this isn’t the largest luggage capacity on the list it’s still very spacious. 

The LED ambient lighting is also a fun bonus, and you’re able to change the colour and you have the choice of 64 colours to choose from. You can also set this to change depending on what’s happening in the car, i.e. if you accelerate fast or change the climate settings the colours will reflect that. There’s also a massage function for the two front seats, so if you like to travel with the ultimate feel of comfort, this is definitely a car that should be high on your list. 

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