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loveelectric, in partnership with OVO, is excited to announce a game-changing offer for new EV drivers: receive 5,000 free miles and subsequent charging at just 7p per kWh with OVO's Charge Anytime EV add-on.

Alongside the tax savings available through loveelectric's EV salary sacrifice scheme, customers will be able to bundle their electric car, a fully compatible smart home charger, and the best deal in electric car charging at the lowest cost. 

Steve Tigar, founder and CEO of loveelectric, emphasises, "Our goal is to make driving eco-friendly and cost-effective for everyone. We've lowered the barriers to EV ownership with reloved®, our used EV marketplace, and now, in collaboration with OVO, we're further enhancing the value of sustainable transport."

loveelectric, a market-leading EV salary sacrifice provider, works with thousands of companies nationwide to save their employees 30-60% on any new or used electric car. The monthly lease price includes comprehensive insurance, maintenance, and servicing, which also cuts Income tax and National Insurance contributions.

OVO, known for its innovative solutions in the energy sector, now offers loveelectric customers its Charge Anytime EV tariff add-on, aligned with loveelectric's vision of accessible electric transport. 

For customers without access to a compatible home charger, OVO's Charge Anywhere option provides flexibility, ensuring that every loveelectric driver can get their 5,000 free miles, regardless of their charging set-up. 

“We want to make green driving a no-brainer and support customers to make the switch. We’re proud to partner with loveelectric and offer Charge Anytime to even more households,” added Alex Thwaites, Director of EVs, OVO.

Hypervolt, a home-grown British home EV charger company, compliments this offer with their solar-compatible smart chargers. Compatible with OVO’s Charge Anytime EV add-on, loveelectric customers will have the option to bundle their electric car, smart charger and EV tariff together.

“With the UK’s clean energy mix broadly improving year on year, the environmental argument for EV has never been stronger. What we have crafted together with OVO and loveelectric builds an equally strong economic case for EVs. We’re enormously proud to be a part of such a Promethean collective of green disruptors,” said David Woodford, Head of Partnerships at Hypervolt.

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