Selling your car so you can get a brand new EV for up to 60% off? Motorway can help you get the best price!


So picture this. You've chosen your brand new electric vehicle through LoveElectric's salary sacrifice scheme. You have the date in the diary for the new arrival. But wait, what's that in your driveway! Eek - you forgot about your existing car! It has served you so well, but its time is up and now it has to make way for the new electric car on the block.

Enter, Motorway - over 5,000 dealers all competing to give you the very best price for your existing car.


Sell your car the Motorway way

Selling your car

We know that this can be a daunting prospect. Ensuring the car is in good condition. Having to deal with multiple buyers. Lots of calls, emails and more. Well, let our friends at Motorway take that pain away. They have harnessed the power of technology to make a better used car market, for everyone. You can now sell your car, for the best price, quickly and easily - and all from your mobile phone!

Leasing a brand new electric vehicle just got a whole lot easier thanks to Motorway taking care of the sale of your existing car.

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